About Me

Hi! I'm Kristina, mom of two kids two and under, make-it-from-scratch enthusiast, and future donkey owner. (While in the final phase of labor with my firstborn, I asked my husband if I could get a donkey, and of course he couldn't say no!)

I dream of moving our brood to a rolling farm where they can dig in muddy creek banks to their hearts' content, experience the slobber of baby calves sucking on their fingers, and sleep on the front porch during sticky summer nights, serenaded by nothing but crickets and tree frogs. Until that day, I cram chickens, clotheslines, and vegetables into our backyard and attempt to bring as much country to our town lot as I possibly can. 

Writing about children and parenting is the perfect intersection of my English and Early Childhood Education majors. I am a firm believer in unrushed childhoods, interest-led learning, and the value of free play. (Shhh...don't tell anyone, but parenting is really just an excuse to build elaborate tree forts and catch fireflies in jars again!)

Questions? Ideas? Drop me a line! 

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