Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Bucket List

Can you believe June is behind us? If you’re like me and think of summer as June, July, and August, this means summer is already a third over. Sobering!

A few weeks ago, Mike and I decided to create a bucket list to help our family “suck the life out of summer” so we don’t have regrets when parka season strikes again.

Just for fun, we decided to write our ideas independently and then compare them. Surprisingly, our lists were almost identical! I won’t bore you with the whole list (we have unrealistic ambitions), but here’s a sampling:

  • Visit all of Red Wing’s 30-some parks (dinky neighborhood ones included...our kids are still at the age where they think everything’s fun!)
  • Repopulate our backyard chicken coop
  • Visit Duluth
  • Buy Hager Heights chicken and bring it to the Bay City beach
  • Go to the MN Children’s Museum on a rainy Saturday
  • Visit Lark Toys in Winona
  • Picnic and wade in Hay Creek
  • Attend as many Red Wing summer events as possible (Art festivals, music in the park, River City Days, Farmers' Market)
  • Explore Stockholm (pie, anyone?)
  • Visit Lake Byllesby in Cannon Falls, Hok-Si-La Park, and Diamond Bluff Beach
  • Catch fireflies in a jar
  • Set up our tent in the backyard
  • Build a water table
  • Explore Anderson Center’s sculpture garden
  • Play tennis (Gray can be our ball chaser!)
  • Make a pinecone birdfeeder with Gray
  • Get out instruments and have a family music night (shakers and drums for kids)
  • Watch old family movies
  • Hike Coon Hill with a blanket to read stories in the meadow

How about you...what's on your family's must-do summer list? Are you a third through it? Time is ticking!