Monday, January 11, 2016

Conversations with a Three-Year-Old

Oh, my little Gray--how I love this age! In you I have a constant conversation partner, and a chatty one at that.

I love your spontaneous, "Thank you for the yummy lunch, Mama!" and the way you exclaim,"Look at the beautiful vi-eew!" as we're driving. I hope you never stop calling evergreens "pineapple trees." (Pinecone, pineapple--close enough, right?) And my favorite expression lately: your poetic referral to spring as "When the plums grow." As in, "When the plums grow on the trees, we're going to get a puppy." And, "When the plums grow on the trees, Grandpa will till our garden."

Other things that keep me chuckling:

"Is this your crap area where you do craps?" (Crafts, crafts!)

"How did the construction guys get up to Heaven to build God's house?"

"I hope God has yummy food in Heaven. Like Cheerios and cranberry juice and stuff."

Upon being told to not touch our friend's sleeping kittens: "But I'm just organizing them!"

One morning at breakfast: 
G: "So, is this just how God made Ray-ray?"
Me: (Wondering what he was getting at) "Yes...can you think of something you like about her?"
G: "Well...her eyes are lovely."

One morning while Daddy was deer-hunting: 
"Is Daddy going bam with his gunner thing?" (We haven't talked much about guns yet...can you tell?)

When I emerged from my closet wearing a new white shirt: 
"OH! What's that beautiful white thing?"

Musings on his sister: 
"Her name is toddler. That's not a good sign."

Musings on his mother: 
"What's 'For Pete's sake?'" Answering his own question: "It's something that mudders say."

Sincerely puzzled, while cracking eggs for breakfast: 
"Why don't any of these eggs have any baby birds in them?"

When he didn't like the looks of our spaghetti squash dinner: "Please put that back in the fridge, Mommy. We can't eat it. It's sour like a mudfish." (We had read a bedtime story the night before where Papa Bear catches a mudfish. :-) )

Totally out of character: 
"I don't want ice cream. It's too cold and sugary. I want corn." 

Ordering fishing equipment: 
"I'm here to buy a 4T tackle box, please." (Guess he knows his size!)

Playing with his sister:
"Don't read the text I sent you, Ray-ray! I accidentally sent you the wrong one. Just bring the lumber!"

Also: So, so much farm talk. He can talk for fifteen minutes straight like this: "I'm going to order two sheds on amazon, and they will come in the mail. And then I will borrow a skid steer and crane and build them. And I will park my tractor and combine. And then I will borrow Grandpa's truck and trailer to bring the round bales. (And on and on and on.)

If anyone needs some entertainment, just give us a jingle, and I can put the little guy on the line. :-)

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