Thursday, May 22, 2014

Savoring Baby Days

We have a six-month-old in the house, and it's making me a bit melancholy. If Rain's first six months flew by this fast, I know the next six will disappear even faster.

I'm trying my best to appreciate her babyness each day...her thigh rolls, belly laughs, wobbly sitting, excited arm-flailing, and the way she rests her head on my shoulder when she's getting tired.

A mom of three once told me she welcomed her baby's night-waking.  2 a.m. nursing sessions provided a break from toddler meltdowns and phone calls and spilled sippy cups--a time to relish baby cuddles in peace. Now that I have two of my own, I can totally relate. Sometimes I expend so much energy chasing Gray I forget to really stop and notice my laid-back little Rain.

So here's to mindfulness: may we all make time each day to turn off the screen, set down the to-do list, and really take in the beauty and temporariness that is our child right now. 

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