Friday, April 18, 2014


Thanks for stopping by! I'm Kristina, a Minnesota mom of two who has far more projects than time.

Some of my passions include natural living, play-based learning, thoughtful parenting, and figuring out ways to carve out a simple-ish life in a nonstop world.

I hope this little corner of the blogosphere serves as a place of honesty and inspiration. A place where we can admit we haven't scrubbed the tub in weeks (or was that months?), but also a place where we can inspire one another to put forth our best effort: write in that baby book, make the tortilla recipe that you pinned two months ago, or bundle up the toddler for the five-hundreth time this winter and go outside to hunt for pinecones. 

I'd love if you'd leave me a comment about what you'd love to read about. Visit again soon!

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